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A very special club member exclusive benefit is the Wisconsin antique bottle, Wisconsin antique advertising and general Wisconsin antique talk forum.  ONLY members may access these pages…  Pages dripping with pictures and information real collectors and real historians CRAVE.

The forum provides members a venue to communicate when they want to communicate.  To post items for sale exclusively for members…  To access special member only events and even to see and post additions to the club’s calendar.  Planning on going antique picking and looking for a partner to share the excitement AND cost of gas?  Post it in the forum.  Looking for a dive or dig partner? Post it in the forum. Need information about a new find, post pictures and questions in the forum.  Want to know what something is worth? Post it in the forum.  Want to see what is going on at the epicenter of Wisconsin antique bottle, advertising and colleting?  log in and see. 

Not a member?  Is it because you don’t want to participate, learn, share and experience Wisconsin’s history and the objects that recall it????  Really, what are you waiting for?  Join now!