Galena, Il Collectors

Jim & Connie Eggimann

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I am a collector of items from Galena, IL. My main interests

include all types of bottles: beer, soda, dairy, druggist, and whiskey.

I also collect tins from Galena, mainly from the Superior Mfg. Co

or Galena Mfg. Co., but I have run across others not mentioned.

I am also interested in advertising items from Galena as well.

My passion is for breweriana items such as old beer crates, kegs,

trays, glasses, etc.

My wife Connie and I are from Prophetstown, Il.

We were married in Galena approximately 5 years ago.

I had collected items in the past: coins, sports cards

and sports memorabilia and had sold off my collections

and at the time of our marriage, had no collecting interests

at all. I ran across an old Blum's soda bottle and purchased

it as a momento of our marriage. I had never even been to

Galena until we applied for our marriage license. We

enjoy the country surrounding the area and also the town