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Dan Gross

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Interested In

Hutchinson soda's, Pre-Hutch soda's, Quart hutchs from Wisconsin. Also, West Bend, Slinger, and Hartford area items of most any kind I don't have. I would love to find a paper labeled hutch from Wisconsin or perhaps even a pre-hutch or West Bend brewing co bottle from West Bend! The West Bend brewing bottles I'm most interested in are the one with a horse shoe on the front of it or embossed with S. F. Meyer. And, just like most collectors, I have a large collection of pretty window bottles.

I am a digger of privies and a hunter of treasure.

I enjoy digging privies (old out houses) and have had a lot of luck finding interesting things over the years both in and around old privies. In addition to bottles I'm also into metal detecting, both land and water. You never know what will pop out of the ground when your detecting! In fact that's how I started collecting bottles as one day a while back I had a signal and when I dug it up it turned out to be a hutch with the metal stopper still in it. Things sorta took off from there.

My biggest passion 'at the moment' is prospecting for gold at my claims near Chicken Alaska. Have had many great adventures while up there plus, I get to find gold! I'm looking for a partner to help run the dredge. There's so much treasure and so little time!