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Justin Perrault

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Miscellaneous bottles and advertising.  All types of electrical insulators, both glass and porcelain.  Always buying Storck beer bottles and related brewery items from Schleisingerville (Slinger, WI).  Actively looking for a Spangler soda water bottle from Bryan, Ohio.  I also seek all kinds of unusual old packaging and advertising tins or containers.  Milwaukee tins for packaging and advertising are of interest, particularly Layton Co, Plankinton, and Cudahy Brothers Lard tins and other printed matter.  Artifacts from the Pritzlaff Hardware store are desired.  Also looking for 19th century Wisconsin Blue Books or Legislative Manuals for reference purposes. Any old and unusual little pharmaceutical bottles are always fun too.

Vice President Milwaukee Antique & Advertising Club.  My interests range wide and deep in the bottle collecting realm.  I mainly buy and collect whatever catches my eye at any given moment.  What most intrigues me is the history connected with the bottles, the people that held and used them as vessels in their everyday life.  Also facinating is the history about the companies that made the products packaged in these various bottles.  Glass manufacturing is also a very interesting thing to study as part of the bottle collecting hobby, the different techniques used, how certain colors were made, etc.  It really reflects our nation's history as a whole when you think about it.

Wanted to buy:

  • Storck beer bottles and related breweriana from Schleisingerville / Slinger, WI
  • Spangler Soda bottle from Bryan, OH
  • Misc. pharmaceutical bottles
  • Electrical insulators and go-withs, particularly Fred Locke embossed porcelain
  • Pritzlaff Hardware Store items
  • Tobacco tins
  • Lard and shortening tins, particularly Layton, Plankinton, & Cudahy tins
  • Peanut butter tins
  • Milwaukee Centurama items
  • Egifri tin
  • Milwaukee Eline Confectionary and Chocolate items
  • Frackelton pottery & items
  • Fraternal ribbons and medals
  • Milwaukee 1881 Industrial Exposition items
  • Victory packages and victory containers from WWII era