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Glenn & Weston Wiese

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We enjoy digging and collecting bottles, advertising, and antiques from all around Wisconsin.  Our specialization is Dodge county area antiques.  We one day hope to collect all of the bottles from the area.  Our love is to find treasure!  This treasure does not necessarily have to be valuable, but if we can find something that was lost or buried long ago, we love it.  A true treasure we would REALLY like to have is a Darge Brewery bottle and an Oscar Hundertmark bottling works bottle.  These are both really tough bottles that we wish to find one day.  By digging in trash pits and privies around Mayville, we hope to find those two and maybe even find some other unknown Mayville antiques.  We have also heard about and seen pictures of a Mayville seltzer bottle and this would be a really cool addition to our collection.  Diving for antiques is something that we would like to try and are in the process of learning about.   We also enjoy metal detecting, collecting native American artifacts, American coins, antique bullets, and mom collects antique dolls.  

We live near Mayville in an old farmhouse.  Our family has two loving parents and four children.  Their names are Mitchel, Darren, Jessica, and Weston.  The mom of the house is named Darlene and she collects as well .  We have always been interested in antiques and the history of our area.  Glenn has been collecting as long as he can remember and has collected everything from arrowheads to antique bullets.  The whole family takes part in many hobbies and love to be with nature.  One of Weston's favorite places is the Mitchell Park Domes because for this reason.  We like to travel to see the cool historic parts of America.