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Jon Steiner

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Always Looking for Quality Milwaukee advertising and stoneware items!

W.H. Chamberlain Sheboygan Stoneware

Oakton Spring Bottle

Blossoms Badger Ale or Eagle Ale Milwaukee Bottle

Excelsior Bottling Works Milwaukee Weiss Beer Bottle

Taylor And Brothers Blue Bottle

Ludwig Mesow Milwaukee Pottery Bottle

John Graf Cobalt Blue Bottle

A. Gettelmann Milwaukee Wis  Wis. Glass Co. Bottle

Chas. Gipfel Milwaukee Bottle

Felix Calgeer Milwaukee Bottle

A. H. Manske Brg. Co. Milwaukee Wis Bottle

F. Meixner Milwaukee Bottle

Jos. Pantz Beer Bottle Milwaukee

Town Of Lake Brewing Co. Milwaukee Bottle

Wolf And Seward Bottle Milwaukee

W. H. Gray Bottle Milwaukee

Henk Milwaukee Bottle

L. Liebscher Milwaukee Bottle

Otto Zwietusch Spiral Spring Stopper Bottle Milwaukee

Otto Zwietusch Milwaukee Green Bottle

Wm. Cunningham Milwaukie

L. J. Farwell Milwaukee

Chas. Herman Milwaukee Bird Decorated Stoneware

Ransom Milwaukee Stoneware

Sweet Owen Tobacco Tin

Pride of The West Tobacco Tin

Old Abe Tobacco Tin

Nigger Hair Tobacco Tin Sign

Sternemann Tobacco Items

Star Tobacco Tin Milwaukee

Brother Jonathan Tobacco

Green Nic Nac Tobacco Tin

Knickerbocker Bitters 

Fess Jaundice Bitters Bottle Milwaukie

Rittmeyer's California Wine Bitters Bottle

Monopole Bitters marked Bottle

Ritz Juniper Bitters Bottle

Patrick Henry Whiskey Bottles

M. Block Milwaukee Whiskey Flask

Milwaukee Whiskey Items

Cream City Brewing Company

Franz Falk Brewing Company

Melms Brewing Company 

Sands Brewing Company

Obermann Brewing Company

Milwaukee Weiss Beer Items

Milwaukee Tobacco Items

Milwaukee Pre 1930 Photographs

Phillip Best Brewing Company

Milwaukee Advertising Signs

Pre 1890 Waukesha Items

E. Boots Marked Bottle (Possibly pottery)

John Beck Brewing Company Milwaukee Items 

Cyril Colnik Milwaukee Blacksmith Items

North Lake Brewery Items

Kiewert And Bro Milwaukee Bottle

 Hopkins Quart Pottery Bottle

Milwaukee Stereo Views

Waukseha Civil War Era Items

Solomon Juneau Signature

Byron Kilbourn Signature

Milwaukee Advertising Flasks

Wisconsin Advertising Flask

Whitewater Pottery

Portage City Stoneware

S.C. Herbst  



Weiss Bros. 

Peter Barth  

Patrick Henry Whiskey

Mandrian Bitters

Milwaukee Whiskey Bottle

Milwaukee Crock

Milwaukee Jug

Milwaukee Butter Churn

Milwaukee Pickle Items

Farwell Marked Wood Plane

Nazro Milwaukie Wood Plane

F. J. Blair Milwaukee Transferware

Hoyt's American Bitters Bottle

Charles Schlitz Bitters Bottle

Milwaukee Papier Mache Company Items

Wolf Sewrd Bottle

Fox Head Malt Syrup

Fox Head Hops

 Milwaukee Glass Flask

Milwaukee Whiskey Bottle

Peter Barth Milwaukee

Milwaukee Beer Label

Wisconsin Beer Label

Beer Label Collections

Milwaukee Distillery Items

Milwaukee Whiskey Labels

Milwaukee Tobacco Labels

Milwaukee Tobacco Bucket

Milwaukee Tobacco Pail

Wisconsin Pontil Bottle

Milwaukee Pontil Bottle

Milwaukie Bottle

Wisconsin Territory Items

Wisconsin Pottery Bottle

Wisconsin Stoneware Bottles

Knickerbocker Bitters

Weis Bros. Liquor Dealers

Wisconsin Bitters Bottle

Milwaukee Waukesha Brewing Company Items

Fox Head Brewing Company Items

Maxfield Stoneware, Crocks, Jugs, Churns, Cream Pots





President Wisconsin Antique & Advertsing Club  My name is Jon Steiner. I have been interested in antiques and collectibles ever since I was a young child. I can remember traveling across country with my family hitting garage sales, flea markets, antique shows and antique shop. We went most places west of the Mississippi River on our family vacations. Only stopping the good old wood grained station wagon (dubbed the Wally Wagon) for gasoline, civil war forts, and of course antiques!

Over the last 25 years I have been collecting and protecting all of my treasures that I find most fascinating and showcasing them in my home. It’s really an obsession for me. As I started collection my father got me started on collecting Wisconsin Brewery and Soda related matchbook covers and bottle caps. As time around 12 years of age I also started to collect beer coasters, bottle openers, 10 and 12 cent comic books, hometown and area related items (postcards, photos, calendars, advertising, etc.) and Wisconsin related sports memorabilia. By the time I turned 16 my interests also turned into cars and car related items. I had at the time in my eyes the coolest car in the world a 1969 Ford Torino GT (actually a rust bucket but what a cool first car to have!). Around this same time I started to realize that my part time job a Wallgreens could not support all of my interests and hobbies and started to wheel and deal buy and trade to be able to pay for my ever growing collection. As time went by my interests became more refined and I traded off some of my smaller collections to finance my newest and current collections: Milwaukee Blob Top Bottles, Stoneware, Breweriana, Whiskey items, Photographs pre 1940, Advertising, Ephemera and General Store Related items (Coffee & Spice Tins, Tobacco Items, and just about anything else you could find in a early 1900’s era store. 

I have met some of the nicest collectors and dealers at these events. I love to talk about collecting and dealing and try to help people find out more about their items as well as help find them new additions to their collections. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have and I will try my best the help you in your quest to build your amazing collection.

Here is one of my favorite picks that came from a Elkhorn Flea Market.  It is super rare and crude.  It is a decorated 2 gallon J.B Maxfield, Milwaukee, Wisconsin dating into the mid 1850's!  This is one of only 2 bird decorated pieces of Maxfield stoneware known and the only known incised / scraphito bird decoration from the whole state of Wisconsin.