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Justin Farrell

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Poison bottles

Charles Hermann & Co. stoneware (entry-level pieces)

Pharmacy bottles (drug-related)

Ottawa Brewing Association (Ottawa, IL)

Absinthe bottles & spoons

Breweriana (mainly patches, but I have cooled here)

Underground comix

Robert Crumb

Zap Comix

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Bugle American newspapers

Kaleidoscope underground newspapers

Takeover! (Madison underground newspapers)

Hippy comics

Underground newspapers

Wisconsin comics

Milwaukee comics

Kitchen Sink Press

East Side, Milwaukee

Black-light posters

Grateful Dead


Hello everyone! My name is Justin. I am what Southerners call a Yankee- raised with a slow Midwestern kindness, educated in the forests of Montana, and hardened by the hurricanes that batter Louisiana's diminishing coast. I have worked throughout this land on a variety of environmental projects, yet I always lacked a strong sense of "place." Everywhere I go - whenever I open my mouth - people say to me "you're not from around here, are you?"


I relocated to Milwaukee, WI, from Baton Rouge, LA, in late 2008 in support of my spouse’s position with the Milwaukee School of Engineering. I believe I am finding “my place” here. Since relocating to the Cream City, I teach both online and on-ground courses for the world’s largest online university, namely entry-level health science, environmental science, and risk management courses. Recently, I have transitioned to a local Franciscan-based university. I have a strong passion for my work, but some moments of the day you are just as likely to catch me playing hooky on the disc golf course (avid player), rockin' out at a local music show, or volunteering at local community and fundraising events.


My passion for over a decade has been underground comix and countercultural artifacts from the hippy culture of 1960s-1970s America, with a particular interest in Milwaukee as a second epicenter (outside of San Francisco). In 2006 and again in 2010, I served as assistant editor for Fogel's Underground Comix Guide, the first reference on the topic in over 26 years.