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J. McCABE Liquor Dealer Oconomowoc, Wis

This is a really neat one of a kind J. McCabe Liquor Dealer Oconomowoc coffin flask. Sun colored amethyst. This bottle was found in gaps in the stone liner of a giant stage coach privy in Okachi. Peter Maas and I later dug the huge privy. It had been filled with old beds, asbestos exterior wall shingles and other 1970's garbage. It took dozens of hours of work and there were just a couple of common medicine bottles in it. We later dug a small privy in the yard and found the only pontiled Uncle Sam's from Oconomowoc. For a huge house with just a few bottles found it sure had an impact on Oconomowoc bottle collecting. This came out of the John Lauber collection auction of January 2011

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