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Sheboygan Mineral Water Black Glass sided

This Spinner from the collection of club member Steven Libbey is xtremely rare and very dark black amber. Standing a whopping nine and a half inches tall this is one of the all time giants for Wisconsin bottle collectors. Sheboygan Times September 2nd 1876 - Six Hogsheads of quart Mineral Water bottles, manufactured at Pittsburg expressly for Messrs. Bertschy & Thayer were received at their packing house Thursday. These contained 96 dozen, and were the advance portion of the original order that will make about nineteen more similar packages, or 400 dozen. The bottles are made of thick, strong glass, eight-sided, with the name of the water and the firm blown in the respective sides, perfectly opaque to prevent the deteriorating influence of light on the medicinal properties of the water, and are altogether a tasteful, convenient and effective receptacle for packing, transporting and preserving the water in its best condition. They are shipped to order packed in saw dust, or iin boxes with separate compartments of one or more dozens each. Fifteen of these boxes were shipped to Chicago, St. Louis and other points yesterday.

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