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Wi Territory Farwell ovoid Jug

Talk about amazing pedigree…  This Spinner has a documented story like maybe no other Wisconsin Territory stoneware piece EVER.  And, it’s in perfect condition.  Originally found in 1971 by a treasure hunter 40 miles into the Nevada desert on an emigrant Gold Rush trail.  In 1974 the person who found it contacted the Milwaukee historical society.  Long time collector John Lauber tried as hard as he could to buy this two gallon minty L. J. Farwell Milwaukie Hardware Nails, Glass &G & D At Wholesale & Retail;  jug.  He sent a valuation of $75 to $100 (A lot of money in 1974!) in his hand writing with the Historical Society’s original communication.   He sent a prepaid stamped air mail envelop with a letter saying call anytime, call collect with his offer of $150.  Again, that was 1974!  How do I know?  I bought this and asked that the seller send me the Milwaukee Historical society newsletter to keep with it as part of it’s history.  He sent me the folder his mom kept on the jug that includes the newsletter, and multiple letters.  Super cool and super incredible.  

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