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  Having been born in raised in Janesville, I always found the city’s beer brewing history to be an amazing “untold” story.  As a youngster, I heard second hand stories about the breweries and during my meanderings throughout the city, would sometimes pass by the locations where the buildings once stood.  Because I enlisted in the Air Force and retired just south of Washington D.C. in 2005, I was never able to dedicate the time or resources to learn more about Janesville’s beer brewing history.  While that finally changed in 2014 when I spent several days pouring through books, newspaper articles, maps, and photographs at the local library before realizing this important part of Janesville’s history needed to be told. 


  Thanks to several kind researchers at the Hedberg public library, the Rock County Historical Society, I cobbled together a plan to research and document the people, places, and events associated with Janesville’s beer brewing history.  I also decided to begin collecting Janesville breweriana (i.e. as bottles, openers, and labels) because artifacts have a way of bringing to life the stories of an earlier time.  I also decided to share and eventually donate my research and the breweriana collection to the Hedberg Public Library and the Rock County Historical Society so that it can be shared with others.  Like myself, few realize the significant role beer brewing played in Janesville’s growth from the time the city was first populated in the 1840s until the last, full scale beer brewery closed on the eve of World War II in 1939.


  So what am I interested in?  Basically anything and everything related to Janesville’s brewing history to include bottles, openers, caps, labels, cases, growlers, as well as biographical information on the brewers listed below.  So if you happen to run across any Janesville breweriana documents, pictures, or historical accounts (or know of someone who has), please don’t hesitate to contact me as I’m always looking to add to both my research and Janesville collection which if everything goes as planned, will be placed on-line in 2017.


Items wanted from the following Breweries and/or Brewers:

Janesville Brewery

City Brewery

Northside (North Side) Brewery

Southside (South Side) Brewery

Badger State Brewing

Croak Brewing

Buob BR’G (Brewing) Company

Buob Brothers BR’G (Brewing)

Buob & Bro's

John Buob BR’G (Brewing)

Michael Buob BR’G (Brewing)

Hodson’s Brewery

Knipp Brewing

Croak BR’G (Brewing)

Todd’s Brewery

Hemming’s Brewery

Hemming & Sons Brewing

Esser’s Brewery (Brewing)


Jacob Singer

Samuel Hocking

Anson Rogers

John Roethinger

AB (A.B.) Roethinger

John J. Todd

John G. Todd

N.B. Robinson

Matt Fardy

John Grovier (a.k.a. Govier)

C. Rosa (a.k.a. Rose)

William Hemming


Peter Meer

Frank Croak

W.J. Marshall

Nicholas Kramer