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Andy Schmitt

Andy Schmitt

About Me

Hi. I’m Andy Schmitt, I live with my wife and 3 children in Kaukauna.  I work construction, pretend to golf, and shoot pool in the winter. I acquired the bottle disease when I was rummaging through some old bottles my dad had given me.   There was a kaukauna labeled beer bottle.  I messaged a large kaukauna breweriana collector and talked about the bottle.   He invited me over to see his collection.  The next thing you know he was offering duplicates.   So a few hundred dollars later I had a mini collection going.   I scoured around for more kaukauna items with minimal luck.   So naturally I branched out to the fox cities.  First off collecting hutches.  And then my radius kept getting bigger and bigger.  Finally I said. The whole state it is.    So like Dirty Harry says. A man has got to know his limitations.  So I do not collect milks, druggist, acls, seltzers.  Besides of kaukauna. 
Was thinking of possibly collecting pottery beers.  But that’s another can of worms.  

I hope to meet more of you at the shows.   So far everyone has been great.   And the bottle fraternity we share is a special thing.   

My Interests

Bottle collecting has been a very fun experience, I’ve met lots of great guys. And had the opportunity to acquire many good bottles.  I collect embossed soda and beer bottles. But to be more specific. I collect Hutchinsons from the entire state.   Some blob sodas if I find them interesting.  I try to collect as many Hbc sodas as I can find.  The smalller the city.  The more desirable the bottle typically is to me.  

I do also like Abm crown sodas.  But once again the more rare the better.  Quarts of any of these sodas are the most desirable.  

Beers, alright.... I collect Blob, applied crown,and crown beers statewide.    Also the smaller the town the better. I do not collect a Date variations. But do for glass companies, sizes, color variations, etc.    I like to buy groups of bottles if possible.   

If you are looking to possibly sell or trade please contact me.  
Or if you just want to talk bottles and make a new connection, that’s just as fun     Thank You