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If you are reading this you may have either come down with the same disease that many in this club have or are suffering from some of  its symptoms.  As a public service announcement I will list these symptoms below - they include: 

1) Getting as excited as a kid in a candy store when shopping at an antique or bottle show

2) Spending irrational amounts of money on items that your spouse may consider "junk"

3) Voluntarily dig large holes (when normally planting a small bush in your yard is a chore) in stranger's backyards to sift through the remains of century old human waste for "treasure"

4) Spend hours researching in the library the exact dates in which a local dairy/brewery/pharmacy was in business when you never even knew where your high school library was even located

5) Actually joining a club of other afflicted poor schlubs that occasionally meet to trade stories their newest "finds" or learn about this hobby sounds like a really good idea 

Please seek immediate treatment and join the Wisconsin Antique & Advertising Club!!

I really enjoy collecting anything related to bottles from the cities of Racine and Kenosha.  I was born and raised in Racine and currently living in Somers which is just a small town right in between the two.  The bottles I lust after include soda, beer, pharmacy, milk, seltzer, whiskey flasks, medicines, dose cups- anything thing that is embossed, debossed, paper labeled, or paint labeled.  These bottles are from the 1860's all the way up to 1970's.  For some reason though I have litttle interest in anything to do with Johnson Wax products or Horlicks Malted milk.  Anyway, I also enjoy collecting items related to these bottles including bottle openers, wooden cases, pictures, advertising give-aways, calendars, old letterheads, just about anything.

I also collect any variants of the typically green purgative water bottle embossed with Janos Hunyadi or the many copy cat bottles, any other Hungarian related bottle, Wisconsin etched seltzer bottles, Wisconsin hutchinson bottles, and Racine/Kenosha city directories or newspapers (pre-1920).    

I do have a few side collections including a 50 state hutch collection that is missing Alaska, New Mexico, Nevada, Rhode Island (kind of) I have a Postens from Providence.

I will add soon my want lists!